Government Stimulus Spending Package


The recently passed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (H.R. 1) will have a dramatic effect on government contracting.  Billions of new dollars in government spending for infrastructure projects, greening buildings, IT, Staffing, and many other products/services will leach out into the economy through government contractors. Additional Billions will go to state and local governments to implement their own infrastructure projects.  This money will pour into the economy quickly as most states have off-the-shelf project plans already developed, but not funded due to revenue shortfalls.  The state of Florida stands to gain more than $10 Billion in federal stimulus spending over the next three years.


So specifically, which government vendors stand to gain the most from federal and state spending dollars?  For a specific listing by NAICS codes, you can contact us at  to register for our upcoming seminar on Government Stimulus Spending.  Include your name, company name, title and phone number.


Attend Seminar on GSA’s Disaster Relief Assistance Program.



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