How to Submit a Successful SBIR Grant Proposal Response, Jacksonville, FL, April 22 2009, 1 pm to 5pm:  The process of preparing a

successful SBIR proposal response is complex.  There are many factors that cause your proposal to be considered non-responsive. This

workshop will train you to identify common mistakes and how to avoid them.  In addition, a successful proposal must be innovative and

must offer a technically sound approach to solving the topic problem.  This workshop will concentrate on writing to the following

evaluation factors: 1) The soundness, technical merit, and innovation of the proposed approach and its incremental progress toward

the topic solution.  2) The qualifications of the proposed principal/key investigators, supporting staff, and consultants.  3)  The potential

for commercial (government or private sector) application.  Workshops are limited to a few participants to assure personalized attention. 

Follow on support is available after the workshop.  This is an intense “How To” workshop.  Fee: $2,750.  For more information or to

register, call 1-813-288-4688.

Check back for dates on future workshops.

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How to Submit Your Own GSA Schedule Offer, Orlando, FL, April 8 2009, 1 pm to 5 pm: The process of preparing and submitting a GSA offer is very time consuming, labor intensive, and filled with factors that can cause your offer to be rejected.  If you are intent on submitting your own offer, we recommend that you seek professional training.  This comprehensive workshop will cover offer preparation and will review the solicitation, vendor response document, CSP-1, price list, labor descriptions and all other necessary supporting documentation. 

In addition, you will learn how to package and submit the offer, respond to "Requests for Clarifications", conduct successful negotiations and prepare your Final Proposal Revision letter.  Workshops are limited to a few participants to assure personalized attention.  (Please note that preparation of a successful GSA offer is a complex process and cannot be accomplished in one day.  Our service includes follow on support after the workshop to assist you in completing your offer.)  This is an intense “How To” workshop.  Fee: $2,750. For more information or to register, call 1-813-288-4688.