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In addition to helping you to obtain a GSA schedule contract – the essential milestone in government contracting - we can also help you to accelerate your efforts beyond your expectations through one of our targeted-government marketing packages.  We will assist you to: identify the appropriate agencies to target, develop a greater awareness in the targeted agency, position your products and services in the government marketplace and convert your commercial marketing activity to government sales.


Most of our personnel come from government backgrounds.  We utilize our knowledge, experience and contacts to help our clientele to succeed.  We use 4 marketing strategies for presenting clientele to the government marketplace: General Market, Focus Sector, Focus Client and Business Development.  General Market gets our personnel into many doors as we are marketing our group of clientele as a block.  Focus Sector is reserved for clientele in the Facilities Maintenance, Engineering, IT and Medical Sectors.  Focus Client is reserved for individual client marketing effort.  Business Development is our most comprehensive service and wraps Focus Client marketing efforts around other services that can include Advertising and Public Relations. 


Learn more about the GSA Program or about our GSA Acquisition services or our GSA Marketing services.


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