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GSA (General Services Administration) provides federal customers throughout the world with the commercial products and services that they need to perform their missions   It accomplishes this enormous task by managing the largest, most diverse and innovative federal marketplace in the world, bringing hundreds of thousands of federal customers together with GSA Schedule contractors.


A GSA contract is pre-negotiated between your company and the government.  Agencies can purchase directly from you without going out to bid.  A GSA contract enables buyers to issue purchase orders over the phone - which gives you instant business.  If you do not have a GSA contract and your competition does, the buyer may place the order with your competitor.


GSA influences the management of federal assets valued at nearly $500 billion. These assets include more than 8,300 government-owned buildings or leased buildings, an interagency fleet of 170,000 vehicles, technology programs and products ranging from laptop computers to systems that cost over $100 million.


Billions of dollars per year bypass firms that do not know how to sell to the federal government.  A GSA Schedule contract is considered by many to be the single most important contracting vehicle for doing business with the federal government.  GCS can help you to acquire a GSA contract and show you how to use your new GSA contract vehicle to capture government business.


In performing its mission on behalf of its customers, GSA negotiates long-term product and service contracts with industry through GSA Schedules.  A Schedule contract may be for five years with 3 five year options for a total of twenty years.  A GSA Schedule contract is a negotiated contract giving the vendor direct input into setting the terms and conditions of the contract.  Once the contract is awarded, the terms are fixed and future government purchases are placed as orders against the contract without the need to let out individual bids. 


GSA has been an enormously successful program, saving the government both time and money and helping government personnel to acquire quality products and services.  As a result of the success of GSA, a cooperative purchasing program has been implemented allowing state and local governments to purchase from GSA Schedule 70 vendors.  In addition as of February 2007, State & Local government agencies can purchase from all GSA Schedules when pre-positioning or responding to national disasters.



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