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Contractor Needs Analysis:  Our Contractor Needs Analysis (CNA) is an excellent proprietary service that we developed over the last decade to access client real world needs.  The analysis involves researching your current registrations as well as asking specific questions designed to gather the data that we will need to determine your current positioning in the government marketplace versus where you should be.  We have a lite analysis for new contractors as well as an expanded analysis for experienced contractors.  The (CNA) can determine specifics like whether you qualify for a GSA contract or even if a GSA contract is appropriate for your company.  It is also utilized to determine the sophistication of your bid staff and to uncover any costly errors they may be committing.

Registrations:  Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and Online Representations & Certifications (ORCA) are the minimum registrations now required to conduct business with the federal government.  The old Pro-Net registration which is now managed by CCR has been renamed the Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) .  And, although the DSBS is not a required registration, you could be loosing business if you are not in the database.  Many government buyers use this database to learn more about potential contractors.  Of particular value to buyers is the capability of contractors to deposit past performance information in the DSBS database.

Research:  Our staff can conduct various research efforts on your behalf including competitor awards and pricing as well as research to build a list of buyers of your product or service within various agencies.

Audits:  Contractors performing service on government contracts will eventually be audited.  We can provide you with general pointers on how to prepare for government audits.  For more extensive help, we can refer you to a professional firm that specializes in government audit procedures.


Bid Search Engines:  You may be aware that all federal agencies are supposed to post any contract opportunity over $25,000 at the federal government’s FedBizOpps website.  However, this does not always happen.  There are several private sector bid search engines that can provide you with federal bid opportunities above and below $25,000 as well as state and local government bid opportunities.  We have periodically subscribed to many of these search engines to conduct a comparative analysis of their value to our clientele.  We can share our results with you.

Funding:  Small business contractors are often in need of additional funding as banks do not traditionally consider government P.O.’s to be account receivables.  We can refer you to other sources of funding including government loan programs, grants and factoring companies.

Lobbying:  Some firms find that they may need external help in lobbying lawmakers and agency heads to consider the merit of their product.  We can refer you to a professional firm with the necessary experience to make a difference.


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