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If your return on investment in the government marketplace is below your expectations, the problem might be due to the level of experience and knowledge of your personnel.  We offer classroom training in the areas of government marketing, finding and responding to bid opportunities, as well as understanding regulations and terminology.  Classes are periodically offered on how to complete certifications and registrations.  Recently, we learned that an employee of one of our large business client firms had spent a month bidding on contracts solely based upon the work to be performed without regard to set aside status or “Respond By Dates”.  Much of the employee’s bid effort was wasted because the firm did not qualify to bid on many of the contracts and some of the solicitations were closed out and no longer open for bid.  In another instance, we were made aware of a firm who had used low cost goods from overseas in a bid.  The firm was awarded the contract and later learned that the Trade Agreements clause applied.  They were forced to substitute higher cost goods from America and had to eat the difference in pricing or face the likelihood of debarment from government contracting.  Little mistakes can become huge mistakes.  We also provide training on proposal writing.  We help the student to find a bid opportunity with a well written Statement of Work (SOW).  We then show the student how to pick apart the elements within the SOW and to organize them into an outline for the response.  We encourage them to develop a comprehensive response as parts of it can be used to build an RFP library for future bid opportunities.


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