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Huge sums of federal purchasing dollars have gone to a hand full of the largest prime contractors over the last decade.  The federal government acknowledges that this situation does not seem fair and is attempting to do something about it.  Through the Mentor Protégé Program, the government rewards large primes who mentor small protégé’s.  Individual agencies administer their own programs—DoD and Dept of State are 2 examples.  To qualify, the Mentor must have an existing contract in place within the agency.  An application must be approved to add a Protégé to the contract as a subcontractor.  The Mentor is paid additional dollars on the contract for its effort in training the Protégé.  The Protégé benefits from the subcontracted work and the training it receives.  The goal of the program is to graduate the Protégé as a successful Prime to the government.  Our services include matching qualified Mentors and Protégé’s, submitting successful applications to approve a Mentor Protégé relationship for an existing contract, and administering the Mentor Protégé program for both parties. 


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