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A long term contract vehicle like GSA or GWAC is perhaps the single best mechanism for conducting business with the federal government.  Why?  Because it simplifies the buyers job, significantly reduces lead time for procuring the product or service and lowers agency acquisition costs associated with managing complex bid procedures.  Purchasing procedures are governed by Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).  The terms and conditions of a GSA or GWAC contract comply with these FAR regulations.    However, the terms & conditions of a GSA or GWAC are negotiated one time.  Once the pre-negotiated contract is in place, federal buyers around the world can purchase directly from it at any time by simply issuing a purchase order against it.  The life of a GSA contract is 5 years and can be extended to 20 years.  The ease of use for the buyer translates to dollars for the vendor who has gone through the effort to acquire a GSA or GWAC contract.  GSA contracts are continuously open for new vendors to apply.  Open season for a GWAC contract occurs periodically. 


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