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Over the years many companies have come to GCS for help in administering and maintaining long term contract vehicles on their behalf because they either do not have the resources to do so themselves or because they simply want to be assured that the administration of their valuable contract vehicle is in capable hands and will be done properly.  Even the largest of companies have made huge and costly mistakes by not complying with contract terms and conditions.  There are many areas in which costly errors can occur including violation of the established pricing discount structure granted to GSA customers or violating the Trade Agreements Act.  Each of these two errors carries a financial penalty and could result in the cancellation of the contract.  GCS personnel can administer your contract vehicle for you or train your personnel in the correct procedures.  Our personnel have years of experience in understanding government regulations and administering contracts. 


Our administrative services extend to GSA, GWAC’s, Grants and Subcontract Plans.


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