Government Stimulus Spending Seminar, Tampa, FL / March 25, 2009: Billions in new government spending will result from the recently passed economic stimulus package.  Learn why a GSA Schedule contract is the easiest way to do business with the government and how it can help you to acquire your share of the stimulus spending dollars. You will also learn where those dollars are being spent and how to be more effective in marketing to the government.  



Disaster Recovery Purchasing Seminar / Orlando, FL / April 8, 2009 : The Defense Authorization Act of 2007 permits GSA to open schedules up to state and local government purchasing use in response to major disasters. The seminar will educate local companies on how to conduct business with government agencies in preparation for and in response to major disasters.


How to capture Gov R&D Dollars through the (SBIR) Grant Program / Jacksonville, FL April 22, 2009: The Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Grant Program has helped thousands of small businesses to compete for federal R&D awards by reserving a percentage of federal funds for small business. This seminar will offer background info on the size & scope of the program and how a small business can compete for early phase R&D awards up to $850,000.

Check back for dates on the following future seminars: How to Obtain a Security Clearance, Government Marketing Strategies

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